About Our Clinic

Winthrop Veterinary Services was founded in 1990 by Dr. Betsy Devin-Smith. The practice started out small and has grown and changed to meet the needs of the Methow Valley. Dr. Gina Pastore moved to the Methow Valley from Vermont and joined the practice in 2009 and recently made the transition to ownership in 2019. The name has changed slightly to Winthrop Veterinary Clinic, but the high quality animal care remains the same. 

“My dog Meg has been receiving care at Winthrop Veterinary Services for 5 years now. Dr. Betsy, Dr. Pastore, and the entire staff are compassionate and very skilled. I highly recommend WVS."

Joseph W.

We're very impressed with the level of competence and professionalism. Medical decisions and advice are based upon solid, thorough research and are tailored to each specific situation."


Kathryn & Patrick H.